How To Manage Your Fast Metabolism

If you are someone with a fast metabolism, then you must find it hard to gain weight through normal means. Even if you are eating healthy and doing your workout properly, you are not gaining muscles or weight as you should be. On the contrary, you must be losing your weight due to the workout. Even if you eat sweets and oily food for a whole week, the only sign of eating such food would be pimples on your face. People who live with fast metabolism have the problem of looking as if they have an eating disorder when they eat oils more than the normal person.
Figuring out the intake
For an average healthy person, the daily intake is 3500 calories to gain one pound of body mass. These 3500 calories is extra to whatever your average intake is. So if you skip a meal, then you will lose the chance to gain that pound. If you calculate for a week, you need an extra 500 calories a day to gain a pound within a week. But this is only for an average person. As a person with a fast metabolism, you have to take more than 500 calories per day apart from you daily intake.
Using supplements
Supplements and mass gainers are the best things to add to your existing diet. Although you can take these on a daily basis to cover for those extra calories that are needed, doctors recommend t you to work out when consuming lean muscle protein and other supplements. If you do not work out while you are taking the supplements, then your body would not properly put on muscles.
Add extra snacks to your daily meal
Whenever you are at work or idling at home, make yourself something to snack on. People easily eat food when they are watching movies or working. It is done in an unconscious manner so you will keep doing it until your body protests. So take some fruit slices and dip them in some nut butter or other spreads, or have a nut mixture to snack on. When you are making smoothies with best whey protein, add some tablespoons of nut butters.
Add extra weight gain additions to your daily meal plans. When you are using oil, use healthy oils like olive and add extra tablespoons or two to your meal. Nut butters is one of the best ways to gain weight while tasting great. You can drink a glass of full cream milk every night to add calcium and fats.