Ways By Which Men Can Gain Weight


Having a manly body is always a common dream for men. But not every man is lucky enough to achieve it by birth. To make your body healthier and gain some extra calories you need to maintain a proper daily routine. Those, who have lean bodies, know the hardship of getting a good body.

Here are the best tips for you to maintain a healthy diet every day. Have a look and it is assured that you will have all your queries answered here.

Tips to maintain a healthy diet to achieve a manly body

1. Eating the right food is needed: How much food you are taking a day, have a written chart of it and you can go for calculation them. The required calories must be fulfilled with your everyday diet chart. Lesser intake of calories and the same amount of exercise of work will make you thinner. Therefore, calculating your food is important for your health. Make sure that you are taking three meals a day. Each of these meals must be complete with fruits, high calorie nuts, fresh vegetable and also the fat enriched food like peanut butter, dates, chocolates, and some more. The protein intake is a very common need for your health. Chicken, eggs, and fish – all these food are important for gaining weight. Whey protein isolate is always helpful for your health as a protein supplement.

2. Have drinks (add the protein shakes, fresh fruit juices, and milk), breads (whole grain breads, wheat bread, oat bran), vegetables (like peas, carrots, potatoes, corns), soups (like chicken soup, hearty creamy soups), fruits (like dates), added oils (like olive oil, canola oil, coconut oil, palm oil and also sunflower oils), and supplements like whey protein isolate – these products are important for gaining weight and have a good health.

3. You will need to calculate the working schedule as per every day. Write down your activities since morning to night. Find out how many calories you will be losing in course of activities. This will be helpful in getting your food diet properly. How much you are taking in and how much you need to reduce for the daily activities – this will help you in choosing the correct amount of calorie intake.

4. Add animal protein in your diet plan like fishes, soya beans, eggs etc.

5. Start building up muscles for your lean body, put on weight and gradually make the entire process harder and longer. You can go for gym or build up a home gym.